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Human resources

Company Culture

Corporate value and culture

Creating profits for shareholders, providing opportunities for employees, and taking responsibility for society; continuous development, respect for humanity, customer first, which is the standard of a good company.

Ability and quality of a talent

Strong internal driving force

Positive attitude: positive and optimistic

Communication skills: considerable teamwork skills

Learning ability: curiosity, literature search and analysis skills

Analytical ability: logical thinking and problem solving skills

Good health: able to withstand stress

English proficiency: proficiency in writing, reading, and speaking skills

Ten recommendations for career development:

Develop reasonable career and life goals

Adhere to the ideal and work hard

Treat difficulties and frustrations correctly

Start from the bottom, exercise basic skills

Make step-by-step progresses, and don't change jobs frequently

It is normal to encounter setbacks

Positive and optimistic

Never treat work negatively Adhere to ideals and persevere in pursuing them 

Correct concept of love and family