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The voice of Texas at the two sessions | Zhang Haijun, the representative of the National People's Congress - promotes health care big data to ease the medical treatment

Number of visits: Date:2017-11-12 09:41:22

Zhang Haijun, chairman of Shandong Baiduoan Medical Devices Co., Ltd., who participated in the two national conferences for the first time, was encouraged by the government’s work report. As a representative of the National People's Congress, he is deeply responsible for his responsibility. During the two sessions in the country, he brought advice on establishing medical big data. Zhang Haijun said that in the future, the company will continue to do a good job in research and development, achieve technological breakthroughs, and contribute to the development of the national medical cause.

"National People's Congress is an honor and a responsibility. I participated in this conference and I performed my duties conscientiously. I am very concerned about the development of the health care big data industry for the industries I work in. I hope to further break the isolation and construction of regional data. The national health care big data platform has formed a new kinetic energy to protect the national health care industry," Zhang Haijun said.

As a representative of medical products companies, Zhang Haijun believes that the full use of medical big data can not only solve the problem of expensive medical treatment, but also solve the problem of old-age care through medical care. With the increasing number of elderly people in the future, Internet medical services can effectively alleviate the problem of a large number of patients, which is a very important means of changing medical models in the future.

In the process of attending the conference, Zhang Haijun vigorously promoted and promoted Texas and spread the voice of Texas. Introduce people in Texas to the talent introduction policy, excellent location advantages, corporate support policies, etc., and hope that more talents and enterprises can come to develop in Texas.

The biggest feeling of the government work report to Zhang Haijun is "innovation". China's science and technology innovation has shifted from running to more fields and running and leading. It has become a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship around the world. These remarkable achievements have made Zhang Nai proud and proud. At the same time, he also realized the importance of innovation in the future development, talent policy, intellectual property protection and other multi-faceted policies, and also made Zhang Haijun confident in the future development.

“Enterprises are the mainstay of innovation, as a medical product company. In the future development, we will continue to develop and realize technological breakthroughs. We will catch up with the trend of world development in the field of medical products, and even achieve leadership in some areas. We also Will introduce talents to achieve innovative development of enterprises." Zhang Haijun said.

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