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[face] "crack down on corruption and seek medical advice at home." are you concerned about the suggestions made by these representatives?

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  NPC deputies, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee and discipline inspection committee secretary Fang Lingmin: crack down on corruption related to corruption  Fang Lingmin, the representative of the National People's Congress of the National People's Congress

  On the afternoon of March 5th, the delegation of the National People's Congress (NPC), the Standing Committee of the Party committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Secretary of the Commission of the discipline of discipline, Fang Lingmin, when the delegation of the thirteen National People's Congress (NPC) of the thirteen session of the National People's Congress considered the report of the government work, resolutely investigated and dealt with corruption in the dark and provided a strong guarantee for winning the fight against poverty. On the morning of 5, Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of the State Council, made a report at the first meeting of the thirteen National People's Congress, and pointed out that the corruption and style of poverty alleviation in the field of poverty alleviation were carried out, and the methods of inspection and supervision were improved. Adhere to the current poverty relief standard, ensure progress and quality, so that people can get rid of poverty and accept historical tests. Fang Mingmin said during the deliberations that to win the battle against poverty, we must solve the problem of corruption in the field of poverty alleviation and continue to carry out supervision and discipline work in the field of poverty alleviation. We should persist in implementing the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the spirit of implementing the detailed rules, reorganize the four winds, strengthen the work on the four wind problems of the stealth variation, further contain the hedonism and luxury, and fully deploy the special principles of formalism and bureaucracy, and resolutely oppose and correct the thought of privileges and privileges. The phenomenon of privileges. We should continue to punish the high pressure of corruption, adhere to regular measures of irregular, full coverage, heavy containment and high pressure, stick to bribery and bribery, seriously investigate and deal with corruption in resources development, financial credit, bidding and so on, and seriously investigate corruption and bribery, abuse of duty, neglect of duty, rent-seeking and wave of power. The violation of the law and discipline of the state's wealth. In particular, we should firmly focus on the black and evil forces at the grass-roots level, resolutely investigate and deal with the corruption of the black and black, especially the permissive shield of the black and evil forces, and even act as a "umbrella protection" case, providing a strong guarantee for winning the fight against poverty and hard work. Representatives of Zhang Haijun and Zhao Chao: procuratorial organs take the initiative to plug in the rule of law "wings" for the development of enterprises, NPC deputy Zhang Haijun.

Zhao Chao, the representative of the National People's Congress

  In the morning of March 5th, Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of the State Council, pointed out in the morning of the government work report that "optimizing the business environment is to emancipate the productive forces and improve the competitiveness. It is necessary to break the obstacles, to be irritated and to build an open way, to add vitality to the main body of the market and to facilitate the people's convenience." The president of the National People's Congress (NPC), chairman and chief scientist of Shandong Bai Du an Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhang Haijun, director of the National Joint Engineering Laboratory of bio medical material modification technology, said: "our business is like a small society and a big family." For the sake of the better development of the enterprises, we need the legal support of the judicial organs so that more workers can improve the consciousness of the rule of law, strengthen the concept of the rule of law, and help them carry out the legal and compliance ideas in the actual work. " According to the introduction, in recent years, the Dezhou municipal procuratorial organs of Shandong Province, the joint discipline Industry Committee and other departments, organized a symposium on the urban optimization environment construction, formed the cooperative mechanism of the service enterprises, supervised the promotion and appreciation of the value of the assets of the enterprises, and created a good development environment for the development of the enterprises.  At the same time, strict bidding will provide a strong judicial guarantee for enterprises to participate in market competition fairly. Zhao Chao, the president of the National People's Congress, the chairman of the Shaanxi step group and the Deputy principal Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the civil construction project, said: "in the past 5 years, the procuratorial organs have made unremitting efforts in the service of non-public enterprises, and the measures have not only appeared on the documents, but have been put into practice and achieved good results." Zhao Chao said that procuratorial organs regularly carry out activities such as procuratorial opening day, exchange forum and other activities, and make continuous innovations in the form of the latest policies and laws and regulations issued by the state to the enterprises. The Procuratorate of Shaanxi Province and the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Shaanxi Province organized a symposium on safeguarding and promoting the development of non-public economy, and listened to the opinions and suggestions of the representatives of non-public entrepreneurs. Subsequently, the research and development of the "opinion on the sound and promotion of the healthy development of the non-public sector of the economy" was formulated, and the opinion on strengthening cooperation and cooperation in the protection and promotion of non-public economic development was issued jointly with the Shaanxi industrial and Commercial Federation, which identified the security of the procuratorial work and the promotion of the non public economy. The breakthrough point and the combination point of the exhibition. Zhao Chao said: "The procuratorial organs and the Federation of Industry and Commerce and other relevant departments jointly launched efforts to insert the"wings"of the rule of law for the development of non-public economy." Dai Lizhong representative: let "doorway for medical treatment" no longer remote National People's Congress Dai Lizhong

  "Increase the level of basic medical insurance and major illness insurance, and increase the standard of per capita financial subsidy for basic medical insurance by another 40 yuan, half of which will be used for major illness insurance. Expanding the scope of direct settlement of cross-provincial and off-site medical treatment, including grass-roots hospitals, migrant workers, foreign employment and entrepreneurs, etc. This is an important measure of "implementing the healthy China strategy" mentioned by Premier Li Keqiang in his government work report in the morning of March 5th. These measures are excited by Dai Lizhong, the National People's Congress and vice president of the Hunan Federation of industry and commerce, as one of the concerns of his proposal is to improve the level of medical security at the grass-roots level. "If we can improve the level of diagnosis and reduce the cost of diagnosis and treatment, the grass-roots medical institutions, such as community hospitals, can help eliminate many of the major diseases in the bud, and the large hospitals can also make up resources to provide personalized medical treatment programs, which can make more rational use of medical resources." Dai Lizhong told reporters. From Ph. D. of Princeton University in the United States and post doctorate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States to the chairman of Hunan St. Xiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Dai Lizhong has been ploughing in the medical industry for many years, and he knows a long way to improve the level of health protection at the grass-roots level.  "Because of the limited human resources, material resources and financial resources, the basic medical equipment and professional talents at the grass-roots level are relatively deficient at present, which restrict the effective improvement of the level of diagnosis and treatment at the grass-roots level, and the excessive worship of the residents to the large hospitals, which makes the concept of" home entrance to the hospital "cannot be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In Dai Lizhong's view, medical expenses can be reduced by expanding the national medical industry, and a solid "protective wall" can be built with the medical security system for the people's livelihood. "Without a strong national medical industry, there will be no national health, and it will be very difficult to achieve a well-off society for all. It is suggested that the state should strengthen the support for domestic medical enterprise brand, cultivate a group of leading enterprises with strong international competitiveness, make it become an internationally respected brand, and master the discourse power of the global medical industry. Dai Lizhong said in an interview. Wang Xiaohong, on behalf of the Guangdong provincial Procuratorate, responded promptly to the NPC deputy Wang Xiaohong.

  "Under a contract, a pollutant discharge enterprise entrusts a professional institution to clean up the pollution, and how to pursue the consequences of environmental pollution once the clean - up enterprises are violated, and how to pursue the responsibility?" At noon of March 5th, Wang Xiaohong, deputy director of the National People's Congress and vice president of the school of environmental science and engineering of Guangzhou University, used the rest time to communicate with other representatives a proposal that was being perfected. Wang Xiaohong will come to the meeting with a problem this time. In her research, she found that some enterprises themselves do not have the ability to deal with pollution, through the purchase of services in the form of entrusted third-party professional institutions to deal with pollution. However, the third-party professional institutions because of the lack of pollution treatment capacity, illegal discharge of pollutants, resulting in environmental pollution consequences. In this case, the polluters often think that they have already signed the contract, and they no longer bear legal liability for the pollution discharge. "There is a lack of regulation here, a commercial contract, the legal responsibility of the enterprise should be assumed by the form of economic exchange to a third party?" Wang Xiaohong has been thinking about who should be responsible for the supervision of the third party professional institutions. How does the judicial organ clarify the legal responsibility of it? In the competition of the third party services, it is often the low price people get the clean up items. But the more low-cost services, the more can not guarantee strict cleanup in accordance with the norms. Wang Xiaohong was worried and told reporters: "the procuratorial organ who wants to undertake the public interest litigation function can find solutions from the source and cure such clean pollution. At the same time, plug up loopholes to effectively prevent the occurrence of pollution results. Reporters linked to the Guangdong provincial Procuratorate, the people's procuratorial office in charge of the people's Office responded that sewage enterprises entrusted third party professional organizations to clean up the pollution, sewage enterprises to undertake the main responsibility of environmental pollution, third party organizations to undertake the provisions of laws and regulations or contractual obligations. It is only an internal contractual relationship for a sewage enterprise to subcontract its work to a third party, which can not exempt it from civil or administrative liability in environmental pollution. As long as pollutant discharge enterprises cause environmental pollution, no matter whether they entrust third party organizations to control pollution or not, the administrative departments of environmental protection should supervise the discharge enterprises according to law, and are not able to perform their duties or perform their duties illegally, and the procuratorial organs will urge them to perform their legal duties. The person in charge said that the procuratorial organ may also institute or support the relevant organs or organizations to institute environmental civil public interest litigation in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Law. If the environmental impact assessment agency, the environmental monitoring agency and the institutions engaged in the maintenance and operation of the environmental monitoring equipment and the prevention and control of the pollution facilities are in accordance with the sixty-fifth relevant circumstances of the environmental law, they are responsible for the environmental pollution and ecological destruction in the environmental service activities, except in accordance with the relevant legal laws. In addition to the provisions of the regulations, it should also bear joint and several liability with other responsible persons responsible for environmental pollution and ecological damage, and the third party governance institutions can be required to undertake joint and several liability together with the polluting enterprises. It is understood that, as a pilot province of public interest litigation, the public interest litigation of the procuratorial organs of Guangdong province has achieved remarkable results, and has urged a large number of people to reflect the strong water river, garbage mountain, pollution and other problems, and get the affirmation of the superior departments. In the next step, the procuratorial organs of the province will further exert their functions in accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee, the highest inspection and the provincial Party committee, strengthen the judicial protection of the environmental resources, and provide a powerful judicial guarantee for the construction of beautiful China. (Beijing, March 5, this newspaper) This is an original copy of the Procuratorial Daily, reprinted from the source of the "Procuratorial Daily", we thank you.

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