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Human resources


Workshop operator

Requirements: 1. female, 18 - 35 years old; 2. junior high school or above; 3. relevant work experience in the manufacturing industry is preferred. 

Quality inspector

Requirements: 1. female, 20 - 35 years old; 2. college degree or above; 3. more than 1 year of quality inspection related work experience.


Requirements: 1. Familiar with design drawings and meeting summaries; 2. Able to operate in strict accordance with the acceptance specifications for building electrical construction in aspects of electrical equipment, equipment installation, lighting device, lightning protection grounding, etc. 3. Having work experience of pre-burying on the construction site 4. Male, 20 - 50 years old; 5. Holding an electrician certificate, more than 1 year of work experience. 
Installation engineer

Requirements: 1. more than five years of work experience in water, electricity, heating installation projects; 2. Male, 25-50 years old; 3. Education and specialities are not limited. 

Sales and management staff of Sales Department, 50 people, 

Specialty requirements: marketing, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, medical imaging, medical engineering, etc. Education requirements: bachelor’s degrees or above Other requirements: good expression skills, affinity, teamwork, customer service awareness Work location: major domestic cities  

Management talent of Marketing Department: 3 people
Specialty requirements: marketing, medicine, biology, nursing or other related majors Education requirements: bachelor’s degrees or above Other requirements: excellent overall quality, good overall planning ability, good organizational skills 

Work location: Beijing / Jinan Engineer of R&D Department: 20 people 

Specialty requirements: medicine, statistics, biology, materials / machinery / optoelectronics / information engineering, etc. Education requirements: master degrees from 211 and 985 universities  Other requirements: 1. Shandong native, willing to go back to hometown and make contributions to her; 2. Excel in both moral character and academic performance; 3. Candidates with patent applications or SCI publications preferred; Working location: Jinan


Benefits: accommodation, work meals, five insurances and one insurance 

Contact: Mr. Xu

Contact number: +8618596253273

Company landline: 0086534-5679189

Company Address: Branden Biomedical Technology Park, Qilu High-tech Development Zone, Qihe County, Dezhou 

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