Reform focuses on stimulating the vitality of market players


"From last year's'Retain the green hills and win the future' to this year's'Green hills are always there and full of vitality', the market subjects are the'subjects' of the government work report, which makes our company feel very excited." Shandong Baiduoan Medical Representative Zhang Haijun, chairman of the board of directors of the Instrument Co., Ltd., said, “Only by allowing the vitality of market players can we effectively increase supply, promote consumption upgrades, continuously release the potential of domestic demand, and provide continuous impetus for smoothing the national economic cycle and forming a new development pattern.” Zhang Haijun believes that actively cultivating market players and stimulating the vitality of market players by improving the traction of reform is the basic work for building a new development pattern. "In this process, it is not only necessary to provide blood transfusions for market players, but also to promote self-blood production for market players." In his view, in addition to implementing relief measures and supporting policies such as tax cuts and fee reductions, the key is to handle the government and the market well. It is necessary to adhere to the principle of neutrality of competition to ensure equal access to production factors by different market players. In particular, it is necessary to create a good business environment to give private and innovative enterprises more room for development.

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